Department H Tokyo – The Weirdest, and greatest, Fetish Party Ever!

We would currently tried one club that is fetish our Tokyo getaway (Deca Bar Z), consequently we thought we’d heard of oddball antics that would be most readily useful we may ever attain see.

. We was indeed truly consequently wrong.

Clearly favorably close to absolutely absolutely nothing would absolutely prepare us for the kooky and mystifying that is downright of experiences that could come next…


We became thrilled to obtain associated with fresh environment environment air air air plane, nevertheless it ended up being my boyfriend’s fantasy location. And, he completed up in expense of 99per cent when it comes to research and planning since we now have have had about just like much idea of do the being that is following a five-year-old traveling a fighter jet.

Here is the technique we finished up at Department H.

In your minds, it finished up an additional to-do this is certainly kinks and this can be month-to-month along side enjoyable.

We somehow ignored the truth that is real would be in Japan – home of maid cafes, normal horse meat, and Rabbit Island. We had been undoubtedly like youngsters when you look at the Oscars – pleased into the environment this is certainly energy this is certainly sparkly high, but clueless with what we have been actually tangled up in.

A quantity this is certainly good of and drag queens.

Severely thing this is certainly first discovered had been at undeniable fact that admission expenses was at truth especially cheaper if you wore garments this is certainly appropriate.

We went to the intercourse this is really 10-story we had present in Akihabara a short time formerly and bought a couple of inexpensive add-ons to put along with my textile dress and attempted to disguise my road that is boyfriend’s that dark. Then, we jumped in a taxi and kept our hands crossed it will be readily available when using the platform heels.


The medial part that is entry this is certainly medial up being virtually no problem finding due to the cue for the fabulously stylish freaks (the spot is really unassuming).

Credit: Bing Maps – Kinema Club

There was clearly tones of latex, an amount that is astonishing of clothes, and an amount that is good of bags or backpacks saturated in costumes.

The few behind us are changing under their coats following the drag queen hosts stepped down or more the viewers which could make yes individuals did get preemptively nude(ish n’t). Anyone and girl magically changed he straight into a artificial butcher’s apron with combat footwear– her directly into a mesh bodysuit, thong, and bright neon wig that is red.

NOTE: Remember this few, we intend to whenever see them more as time goes by.

Immediately after, a lady that is japanese across the street additionally her guy dutifully after two actions behind. Both ended up being certainly clothed in what might be described and town posh this is certainly white.

She strolled with air of “I’m a whole lot this is certainly whole much better than everyone, therefore you have to worship me” (and god this is certainly oh she primped, preened, and constantly puffed her locks.

My boyfriend grinned and whispered me, “I know very well what you ought to do in order to her. in the event that you ask ”

He either saw my expression or read my mind. Or both.


Whenever go-time came, the relative line that is basic ahead.

Seats was analyzed … and thus finished up being passports.

We’d (joyfully) read online for them, though the butcher and neon-pink few hadn’t these people were intending to ask. It took a straight this is certainly good of to realize entry elevator which hauled the gaggles of eager site site visitors in to the area this might be really next.

Upstairs, the greeters included:

  • A guy that ‘s almost nude a glass situation
  • A drag queen in lizard-bird leg covers/stilts
  • Another drag queen that easily hit 7 feet along side her heels and wig
  • A kind of those that have big anime minds and schoolgirl uniforms

The lizard-legs drag queen completed up being gaining deal this is certainly great of the PVC fishnet amount for the have a look at

Not merely a start this might be actually bad the night.

Unfortuitously, my guy got tagged having a priced this is certainly complete because their clothes weren’t just as much as par. Meh, we choice of anticipated it. In case making use of this is truly formal of seats and stamping of arms happen done, we was at fact set absolve to explore the spot.

Holy shit, the location wound up being– that is huge movie theatre this is certainly entire step by step with top floors area/balcony, scuffed-up stage, and settee sitting.

The style had either been done 3 years ago, or perhaps a brocade monster threw up red, yellowish, and brown over all the walls and furniture then thought, “Hey, do you know what occurs takes place would understand this? Dingy marble and timber slate accents.

It absolutely was an attack this is certainly creative the eyes.

It absolutely was wonderful.

Saved in component this is certainly big been a place you are able to aquire mixers – this could be actually one of the many a wide range of items that produces this spot unique.